Tactical Buddha?

Hanging out in the ‘stan, taking a breather.

We saw someone snoopin’ and poopin’ on us from a distance from the rooftop of a mud hut complex and decided to check it out. Once I called it, the rear team swung wide from the left, the front team swung wide from the  right, and the middle moved in straight towards the compound. As we got closer a few mopeds with MAMs took off, and as we cordoned off the area and began our sweeps it looked like a dry hole. As we started talking (via the terp) to the dudes in the mud hut, it became apparent that not all of them lived there; even more concerning is that people that claimed they lived there did not know anyone else. We broke out the metal detectors and found a couple of freshly buried under folder AK47 type rifles and some loaded mags.

It was not a completely successful day, but it disrupted enemy movement is a previously (for the most part) uncontested area.

2011, Kareze Saydi, Afghanistan

approx. 31°32’33.8″N 64°10’37.1″E


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I locate, I close with. I Joined the Marines in 2005... Currently, doing all kinds of fun things. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, bacon and guns. Proud husband and father.

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