One Hell of a View

It’s been a while since I have posted, so naturally I might as well begin with an update. I have been busy with normal things like work, life, love, and all kinds of other things. I “got a new job,” got married, and had a son to name a few of the significant events since last post. I don’t actually plan on keeping this up to date, except for maybe a few things here and there; let’s start with a picture from a long week at work.

We were on an island that is about 300mx500m, depending on the tide, shooting mortars to mark targets as fixed and rotary wing swooped by to shoot. Some of these got pretty interesting, maybe a little too close for comfort. A Huey shooting at the rapid rate in the pitch black night from about 2km away, a C130 flying by at about 100ft ASL and we’re at 50ft, 100*F and what felt like 200% humidity. I have no idea how those brave souls on Gilligan’s Island made it.